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Only chosen trend and oscillator fx indicators.
There will be not many indicators posted here. Site created with a mind : not to add one more store oversaturated by things lack of sense - but to build a cosy place with something chosen and meaningful. Here is my works, only those I consider worthy, which my own trading workspace consists of.
DCT is own creation and the most effective trading assistant, it calculates all necessary levels - Direction, possible Correction and Targets. DCT has also comments in right side of the chart "Prefer Sell", "Buy Above" and levels H4 Target, Daily Target. It was made with idea to be not just an indicator but the whole trading strategy system by itself.

Notes from developer Please contact if you wish to change something in indicator - colors, create notifications e t c ... It is pleasant to communicate and make trading more comfortable and profitable.

Let's bet I am available if you need help in coding some robot or indicator. But first take a closer look at DCT indicator - many standard and modified ones were tried before its creation - and they were all discarded. DCT indicator combines the most appropriate details from trend and volatility indicators.

Try it - I bet there is no better yet. and accordingly - if you come up with something better :
1. You'll get my indicators for free
2. I will become your personal programmer to implement your idea

Here is more detailed
DCT instruction
  • DCT has unambiguous algo - it has no variable parameters.
  • DCT is forex indicator without redrawing.
  • it shows important D and H4 levels which really hold the price.
  • it detects stong trend while red, green - or trend weakness/reverse when levels become violet.
  • it has 4 levels of volatility : 1 for adequate stop and 3 target levels for profit taking.
  • DCT has multi timeframe code : Daily is main line.
    H4 and H levels - combined in a zone acts like confirmation, and intraday support in uptrend, and as resist in down.

You can get acquainted with the DCT in demo mode.
Apply it to any of your charts - sure you will like what you'll see.

1 year period of use [ Expires 31.12.2020 ]

* this is not a subscription, I just want you to work with DСT
and come back here, having a profit and a desire
to continue work with me. I am sure that in a year
here will be improvements and something even more special to share.
25 USD

* please contact if you want Lifetime version
or prefer to pay via skrill, epayments, webmoney, neteller e t c
or if you have any other win-win ideas.
There are several additional indicators: for scalping, for news, for displaying profit / loss directly on the chart. Also a robot in development. Visit the site from time to time - or bookmark page Dashboad for daily use. There is a lot of interesting things to come. Everything will be added here gradually.

Tiny usefull thing.

Position +0- Scale on Chart

Tiny tool to see the level of zero of all positions and profit / loss of the position (or positions, even if they are multidirectional) for every 10 points (or another value) in the account currency directly on the chart.

+ account information:

- pip value
- current symbol positions P/L
- total P/L of all positions as a percentage
to control current profit or drawdown
- used and free margin
- ballance and equity
Parameters :

- step distance in pips
- show/hide account info in right bottom corner

Position Scale on Chart - 15 USD