Stoch RSI Waves Resonance

Technical indicator oscillator logic in simple words.

We figured out the concepts of trend and direction - this is the main thing. But no movement can be direct and eternal - look at the price move as like you are in a big bath - pushing a toy sailboat over the water by breath in one direction, and your girlfriend pushing it by breath against you...

Your lungs are stronger, so the sailboat's move direction is supposed to be obvious - all Trend Indicators will predict it, but you can not breath out endlessly, you need also to breath in. And this is why Technical Oscillator is also so important - it can be implemented here to measure the capacity of your lungs and how much time you need to fill it with air, to predict the moment of your weakness - when you need to breath in. Your girlfriend can be tricky and catch this moment to move the sailboat with all she might against you. Foreign Exchange Market - whole world finances - has not much differences in behaviour from your bathroom battles with girlfriend.

You can read financial books or wikipedia for more correct explanation of logic, formulas, calculation of Stochastic and Relative Strength Index oscillators, but here and now I've tried to make you "feel" Why and What is going on in the nature of currency or any other market. Same as human breathing - price movements - money flows - has measurable Time and Capacity - oscillators are trying to rationalize and catch the pattern.

Stochastic RSI - best choiсe among oscillator indicators.

Relative Strength Index (RSI) - is the most I’d say “old school”, “classic” oscillator, to detect overbought and oversold prices - as potential reverse levels.. But today's markets are more impulsive and quick, that is why more modern indicator was born at nowadays - it is based on RSI, but more sensitive - it is Stochastic RSI.

Stochastic RSI Waves Resonance -
modified to give clear vision of multi timeframe waves.

It is difficult to imagine trading without an oscillator - there have always been and will be Waves. It is important to see in what phase the daily wave is. It would be foolish to trade a one-hour wave against the direction of a H4 or older Daily wave, and on the contrary - it is very reasonable to trade when the waves add up in resonance.
Resonance moments are highlighted on the indicator by dots.
...these are almost perfect moments for entry...

Here is my version of the well-known Stochastic RSI.

Stoch RSI Waves Resonance Indicator - 15 USD

* indicator has option to display D, H4, H1 waves resonance
or H4, H1, M15 for quick scalping trading